For the Employer

            We are rendering professional services in the scope of recruitment, as well as selection of candidates to the work, at the sight of needs, and specific of the order entrusted.


Advantages for the Employer:

·  fast, sterling recruitment

·  proper employees (workers) for a season period of time, immediate, periodical employment

·  verification of documents, and references

·  first contact with a candidate; qualifying conversation, in the event of abroad employment we  

   are checking the command of corresponding foreign language

·  we present the CV of the best candidates, and substantiate our proposals  

·  designating of a project coordinator in Poland and abroad.


Since the time of Poland’s entering into European Union, Polish employees got the opinions of good, sterling employees. The entire Europe entrusted them, so You do entrust also!

            Contact us by telephone: +48 784 044 156

 or by use of our e-mail address:

                                            email: office@mbmbwork.eu

                                            email: rekrutacja@mbmbwork.eu