Recruitment and selection


             The M&B Agency offers a wide range of professional services in the scope of different ranks and specialties, employees recruitment,

 and selection. We offer a fully professional suite for managing positions of higher, and medium rank. 




          We believe making the right connection between the candidate and an employer is the main key to success and we strive to provide the

 best match possible.

 When starting any recruitment process we aim to know the most we can about our client’s company and the potential candidate 

(we are constantly creating and analyzing the work position,, and the ideal candidate profile). 

The most important issue is the functioning, effectiveness and assurance of the client’s company



           In order to fulfill the client’s expectations,we carefully   explore the selection of candidates for positions using the following methods:


Review of candidates database

            We are in the possession of our own candidate database, which allows us to find out all the information

 about possible employees


Recruitment announcements in nationwide, local, and technical media

On the bases of the information collected, we do prepare a graphic ad, and the announcement content.


That ad is placed in the media selected.


Taking advantage of professional contacts on the recruitment market

            A valuable informational source about potential candidates are own contacts of our consultants, direct recommendations

 or contacts with different types of professional organizations, associating  some specialists of a determined domain.




Analysis of Application

             The first stage of a candidate’s selection process is a detailed analysis of possible work offers. Information contained in


the application makes possible to get a general orientation about the candidate’s qualifications, and presents a picture of his or her 

professional experiences.


The Interview Process

           During the interview,it is most important for us to get acquainted with the candidate and get information about his skills, 

and personality characteristics. Our goal during the interview process is to find the perfect match between employee and employer.



          We also require the candidate to provide a list of references

which we make accessible to the employers, as well as collect the facts which are interesting and relevant to us.


Test for foreign language fluency

            These allow us to check the level of the candidate’s foreign language command in conversation and writing.



            After the report has been accepted the candidates are asked to take part in the meeting with the Customer’s Representatives.

 If needed, we take part, and support the preparation of meetings with candidates.



            Our services are covered by a warranty, the time period of which depends on the scope of duties for the given position.

If before the expire of warranty time period the contract of employment has been broken, the M&B Agency obliges itself

to organize a renewed recruitment, and selection of candidates on own cost. Depending on the employee position the warranty

may be given for 1 up to 4 months.